Our corn-fed Hereford, Angus beef comes from the Midwest, where the weather and feed sources are at their best. We carry a full line of Wagyu from Texas ranchers, who are producing some of the finest beef in the world. We take pride in our beef and look forward to providing for all of your needs.

WE PROVIDE: A full line of boxed beef, steaks, cutlets, fajitas, bulk and patty ground beef


With our poultry line being extremely flexible, we can cut and pack product to suit every chef’s needs. From wings to cutlets, our birds are always flavorful.

Sized Breasts, Fajita Meat, Half Chicken, Chicken Wings and Whole Chicken (WOGs), Special cuts


Our pork program is comprised of some of the best all-natural and fresh pork. We’re dedicated to providing you with exactly the cut you’re looking for. Our Bacon line is top notch!

Pork Butts (or Shoulder) Bone-in and Boneless; Pork Loins (and Tenderloins); Pork Chops and Rib Chops; Ribs, Baby Back and St. Louis Ribs; Double-bone Pork Chops; Pork Bellies; Regular, Platter, and Thick-Cut Smoked Bacon; Hickory, Apple, Cherry, Peppered Bacon; Breakfast Sausage (Patty and Link 2 oz.)


We source the highest-quality veal to deliver you the highest impact for your customers.

WE PROVIDE: Racks, loins, cutlets , scaloppini, ground veal, special cuts


We offer an exotic assortment of game meats – perfect for mixing up your seasonal menus!

Bison, Texas Quail, Duck products, Pheasant